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Employment Support

Free and confidential Employment Advice and support is available to anyone accessing Therapy via Humber IAPT Emotional Wellbeing Service and their partner therapy providers.

We support people receiving treatment in our service by providing practical advice and interventions to help them find, return to, or remain in work.  We have a team of experienced Employment Advisors ready to help, at a pace that’s right for you.  For many people it’s about receiving the right support and getting their confidence back.  A few of the services we offer include:

  • Person-centred employment and supporting action planning
  • Creating a CV concentrating on your strengths and skills
  • Effective job searching & interview techniques
  • Guidance on working with an employer prior to returning to work
  • Job coaching and in work support
  • Training/Volunteering opportunities
  • Maternity rights at work
  • Providing emotional support while attending key meetings at work
  • Your health and safety rights at work
  • Advice on discussing you mental health at work
  • Signposting to free legal services

A Flexible Approach To Your Employment Support

Work can be important for your mental health and wellbeing. We can provide up to 6 employment support sessions, working closely with you and your therapist to meet your employment needs.

Appointments can be tailored around what works best for you, for example: weekly or fortnightly and can be a short check-in telephone call or up to an hour to discuss complex issues.

We have a flexible approach to communication which is by telephone, text, face to face via webcam or email. We are not available 24 hours a day but you can send a message at any time and we will get back to you in our working hours.

How To Access This Service

This service is voluntary and will not affect your therapy if you decide it’s not right for you at this time. Access to this service is only through referral from your therapist. If you would like referring to an Employment Advisor please speak to your therapist at any point during your treatment.

Working in partnership with

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